Coronation Street

ITV Coronation Street star quits after 30 years and joins BBC sitcom cast

Bev Callard, a former Coronation Street cast member for ITV, has been cast in a BBC series. Veteran ITV soap actor Bev, who also plays in the Channel 4 program Don’t Look Down and had a run on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, has joined the cast of the BBC program Mandy.

The third season of BBC Studios Comedy Productions’ Mandy, starring Diane Morgan, is now in production. Along with Tom Basden (Here We Go), Mark Silcox (Man Like Mobeen), Roger Sloman (Nuts in May), Alistair Green (The Great), Michael Spicer (The Room Next Door), Jackie Clune (Motherland), and Yuriko Kotani (Pls Like), Paul Ready (Motherland), Nathan Foad (Our Flag Means Death), and Robbie Gee (Black Ops) are also joining the cast.

“Chat GPT now writes all the quotes used in TV Press releases like this,” claims Morgan. This one is for sure. You can’t waste time coming up with a stupid quote to brag about when you’re writing, directing, or acting in something. In any case, no one reads past the first few paragraphs because they just keep repeating how happy and enthusiastic everyone is.

I doubt anyone is reading this right now. That is a foolish thing to do. Come on, you might be reading a book right now instead of this foolishness. According to BBC Studios’ Head of Comedy Josh Cole, “We are thrilled and excited to be returning to Mandy with the peerless Diane Morgan.”

It happens after Callard, who played Liz McDonald on ITV’s Coronation Street, left the show and relocated to Norfolk to pursue a new career as a fitness teacher. The actress doesn’t charge for her sessions; instead, she requests that participants donate £5 every class to charity. “So about six weeks after our move to Norfolk, I told Jon, ‘Right, I’m going to start teaching again,'” she stated in an interview with OK! Magazine.

“I advertised that I was looking for 25 feisty ladies to join my class on the local village’s Facebook page. No matter their age, physical condition, or degree of fitness, it didn’t matter. I’m not interested in instructing a class of stick insects. All I wanted were real women.


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