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Coronation Street confirms exit for Tyrone Dobbs actor Alan Halsall following knee surgery

The Coronation Street actor Alan Halsall recently disclosed that he had undergone surgery to treat a major medical issue. Earlier this week, on Instagram, the Tyrone Dobbs actor informed fans of the news.

Thus, many are questioning how it will impact his work on the soap opera. What will happen to his part on the serial opera? Fans know he was considered for I’m A Celebrity, but he reportedly had to withdraw due to an injury.

Alan posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed after having knee surgery earlier this week. He said, “Well, I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery on Friday.” They tell me the surgery went really well.

I am aware that I have a difficult nine to twelve months of rehabilitation ahead of me, but I have faith that my family and friends will help me get there.

Regarding his future on the show, his soap opera employers have now issued a statement.

Tyrone star Alan Halsall’s Coronation Street break
It’s now known that Alan will take a leave of absence from Corrie in order to recuperate.

“We’re filming two months ahead, so Alan will be on screen in the coming weeks. After that, he’ll be taking a short break while he heals,” a Coronation Street representative stated.

The NHS states that it may take up to a year to fully recover from the procedure.

It could take him up to three months to be able to utilize the stairs and two weeks to use crutches.

But what will it mean for Corrie that Alan is going to leave the screens?

All three of Tyrone, Fiz, and Cassie off screen?
As actress Jennie McAlpine is on maternity leave, viewers are aware that Tyrone’s wife Fiz is gone for work.

And the family will be the subject of a major story soon, since grandmother Evelyn is putting them all in jeopardy. Alan recently made fun of Evelyn, stating that even though she keeps saying Cassie will bring troubles to the door, Evelyn is about to do something that will give them all a great deal of trouble. Tyrone then makes an effort to assemble the family’s fragments.

In an attempt to shield his children from the violence, will Tyrone flee with them? Will Cassie, Evelyn’s daughter, support her as she faces the challenges ahead?

Actress Claire Sweeney plays Cassie, and fans are aware that she will soon be joining Dancing on Ice, which will mean a shortened role for her. How this all turns out is still to be seen.


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