Coronation Street

Coronation Street airs prison twist for Bernie Winter

Bernie Winter may spend a large amount of time behind bars, according to Coronation Street.

Bernie was recently taken into custody on charges of dealing in stolen property after she attempted to hastily sell some pilfered products alongside her dubious business associate Big Garth.

Her son Paul Foreman is in need of money until his Personal Independence Payment arrives, so she has been attempting to get some quick cash to assist him.

Since Paul, Bernie’s son, began to face health issues related to his diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND), she had concealed her legal predicament from him until Monday’s (November 13) program.

Bernie had no choice but to tell her kids that the most recent installment of her stolen goods charges were coming up in court.

Bernie accepted Joel Deering’s proposal to enter a guilty plea, thinking the court would be lenient. However, this was not the case.

During the hearing, the judge declared that given Bernie’s previous history, incarceration was the only viable option.

Afterwards, Bernie had to break the bad news to Paul and Gemma—that she might spend up to six months in jail.

Paul was devastated to hear this news because he had lately found out that he probably only had six to twelve months to live.

Though Bernie remained composed in Paul’s presence, she eventually lost it at home with Dev, fearing she would be leaving Paul during his last few months.


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