Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd sparks concern after Chloe Harris exit

The fallout from Chloe Harris’ disappearing act continues, and in Monday’s episode of Emmerdale (November 27), Mackenzie Boyd raises questions about his well-being.

After Chloe left the village last week with their infant boy Reuben, Mack is in a desperate search for her.

Chloe decided to take drastic measures in retaliation for Mack’s breakup with Charity Dingle, and she wanted to make him suffer.

Since Chloe’s whereabouts are unknown, Mack is now having difficulty accepting the possibility that he might never see Reuben again.

In the Monday episode, Mack comes home after spending another night looking for Reuben and Chloe.

Charity fears that Mack is on a self-destructive downward spiral, which is why she is concerned about his devoting so much time to this quest.

Amy Wyatt worries that she could not hear from her sister ever again in the meanwhile.

Re-entanglement in the story occurs when a frantic Mack approaches Amy and her fiancé Matty Barton, asking for information.

Mack’s low self-esteem shocks Amy and Matty. Is there any hope for them in the future?

Since Chloe’s role in a significant Christmas storyline was recently revealed by the show’s executives, Emmerdale viewers are aware that she is still around.

The media was informed by show producer Laura Shaw that the Charity, Mackenzie, and Chloe love triangle had been brewing for around eighteen months. We’ll witness it come to a slightly greater crescendo during Christmas, as Mackenzie pushes Chloe to the edge.

“What will happen is that Chloe will ask her father for assistance. We already know from earlier tales that Chloe’s father is a dangerous man and should not be trifled with.

“We are aware of his domineering behavior towards Chloe and the fear he inspires in others. Thus, it stands to reason that when she gets in touch with him, we’ll witness his lending Chloe a hand in a special way.”


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