Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe violently explodes, Rhona’s dodgy secret and Kim murder twist

The upcoming Emmerdale episodes will include a romantic breakdown as Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) rejects Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) in favor of Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Naturally, a hurt Chloe takes this badly and doesn’t hesitate to give Charity a hard smack to let her know how she feels about her.

She quickly starts planning a retaliation that will harm her former partner.

Caleb Milligan (William Ash) is getting closer to the truth regarding Craig’s death, which is making Kim Tate (Claire King) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) extremely nervous.

Are they going to be revealed?

November 20, Monday

Charity fears that Mack may change his mind about splitting up with Chloe, but he quickly shows her that she is mistaken, and Chloe is shocked when he declares their relationship is done.

Despite being heartbroken, Chloe rejects Mack in a chilly, businesslike manner. Afterwards, she tears in sister Amy’s arms.

In an attempt to view the infant in the intensive care unit, Rhona slips off to the hospital and asks a nurse for further information.

Kim presents Dawn and Billy with her interior decorator’s plans for the nursery, which upsets them as they have so many decorating ideas for the space.

November 21, a Tuesday

Chloe becomes enraged and rushes over to slap Charity after noticing that Mack and Charity are kissing.

While Amy escorts her away, Mack begins to suspect that she may not have handled the breakup as well as he had anticipated.

Charity is hoping that soon everything will settle down and they can all move on in harmony.

In the meantime, Chloe tells Amy about her plan to exact retribution, driven by her resentment: she and Reuben will go to France and prevent Mack from ever seeing his son again.

Billy’s reservations concerning Kim’s desire for a home birth persist, but Kim is thrilled when Dawn inquires about being her birthing partner.

April is irritated that it seems like her parents are hiding something. Marlon is unsure, but Rhona feels April should be aware of the baby.

November 22, Wednesday

While Chloe is purchasing her tickets to France, Charity and Mack are spending a special moment together at home, feeling content that everything is working out for them.

When Craig is mentioned, Kim exhibits a fleeting look of shame that intrigues Caleb. He knows he has gotten under Kim’s skin because later on, when he taunts her about the circumstances surrounding Craig’s murder, Kim warns him to back off.

Later on, Kim confides with Will about Caleb in the Woolpack without realizing Caleb is watching. Caleb becomes concerned after hearing an incriminating phone conversation later.

Nicky is informed by Caleb that he is concerned about Cain’s involvement and that he is confident Kim played a role in Craig’s death.

Rhona quickly runs to seek doctor Liam after seeing Dawn’s pregnancy pains.

In an attempt to find closure, Lydia makes preparations to attend Craig’s funeral after learning of it.

Nov. 23, a Thursday

Chloe hides her travel bags. Though Sarah unintentionally tells Mack and Moira that she sees Reuben’s passport and packed baggage, everything is kept a secret.

Abruptly realizing what is happening, they run out.

Unconvinced, Nicky tries to talk Caleb out of his resentment. In his resolute effort to undermine Kim, Caleb maintains that he must speak with Cain.

After tracking down Cain, Caleb asks him if Kim had anything to do with Craig’s killing before gloatingly admitting that he believes she did. Because Caleb is so near to the truth, Cain feels afraid.

Ryan struggles to accept his isolation from his son and opens up to Gail about his fears regarding Oscar.

Ryan tries to contact Oscar on social media despite being warned not to. Sophie berates Ryan for attempting to get in touch with Oscar upon arriving at the Woolpack.

Gail is hurting a great deal over this broken promise, and Ryan realizes how much he’s failed.

Let Lydia come home, Samson begs her.

Tracy gets furious when she finds out that Nate received tips on how to get her back from Caleb. It’s obvious that her feelings are divided.

24 November, Friday

Pollard is too arrogant to consider joining a Parkinson’s support group, despite Jacob and Manpreet’s best efforts.

As he interrupts Jacob and Brenda’s discussion about Pollard and fails to notice the sparks between Victoria and Jacob, David, in the meantime, ignores the secrets all around him.

Pollard is persuaded to meet Manpreet for a conversation and round of golf.

Leyla branches A new woman has entered Jacob’s life.


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