Emmerdale spoilers: Dramatic development as tearful Mandy hides an emotional secret

When Craig (Ben Addis) is discovered dead on Home Farm property, a week of “betrayal and secrets” awaits, with each Dingle harboring a deadly and dark secret.

Particularly poignant is Lisa Riley’s (Mandy) secret. From her family, what is she concealing?

Karen Blick’s character, Lydia, was raped by Craig, but she erased the proof because she was so traumatized. He was freed as this gave the investigators little evidence to work with in their investigation. After that, the Dingle Law was invoked, forcing the family to pursue their own justice.

Billy (Jay Kontzle) discovers Craig; he is stone-cold dead and has been beaten. Lydia is certain that one of her family members is to blame when she finds out about this.

At the Woolpack, there is a lock-in as Lydia investigates the clan. Though Lydia isn’t deceived by the obvious, the likely suspects Cain (Jeff Hordley), Sam (James Hooton), and Aaron (Danny Miller) all attempt to deny the accusations. She believes that Mandy (Lisa Riley) is one of them, among all of them.

After Lydia questions the others, she focuses on Mandy—who isn’t your typical Emmerdale killer, but anything may happen. The wicked web developer had assaulted Lydia and then spread stories to discredit her, yet she was the first to jump on the bandwagon when Samson (Sam Hall) implied Lydia had been cheating with Craig.

Mandy is now burdened with the regret of having made Lydia feel worse while she processed her experience. She reveals her truth and gets very upset as she attempts to justify herself.

Was Mandy trying to make up for her accusation that Lydia was unfaithful by turning the tables on Craig?

Naturally, there’s a chance her secret has nothing to do with Craig’s passing. What does Mandy conceal?


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