Emmerdale spoilers tonight: David catches Jacob and Victoria kissing

Spoilers for Emmerdale for tonight, Monday, November 27, state that Jacob tells his family in a false impression that Gabby Thomas is his new girlfriend.

David realizes this isn’t the case, though, as he sees Vic and Jacob having a romantic moment.

But in Emmerdale spoilers, how will David respond to this significant revelation regarding his kid and ex?

Spoilers for Emmerdale: David says what’s really true

David taunts Jacob about who his new girlfriend is while he celebrates his birthday tonight.

Though David makes Jacob feel awful by bringing up his previous relationship with the late Leanna, he expresses his suspicion that it might be Gabby.

Vic is forced to hide when David shows there, but he and Jacob have a passionate moment together when they get home.

In an attempt to uncover who Jacob is hiding from David, Jacob confirms the rumors that he is seeing Gabby.

When David leaves, Jacob tells Vic that Gabby would believe his explanation, but Vic quickly becomes alarmed upon realizing that her bracelet is missing.

Vic thanks Jacob for recovering her bracelet as David causes awkward situations for a gullible Gabby.

David, though, soon sees the couple sharing a kiss through the glass. Will he confront them both about their romance, though?

Mack fears for Reuben.

After searching for Reuben all night, Mack returns home, and Amy becomes concerned that Reuben and Chloe may be lost forever.

Mack is out of alternatives and keeps asking Amy and Matty for updates on Reuben’s whereabouts. Mack is assured by Charity that they will locate and return Reuben to his family. Will this, however, be feasible?

Emmerdale spoilers: Amit is preparing to leave.

Remaining an outsider in Laurel and Jai’s home, Amit confides in Suni that he intends to return to India. But will he actually depart from the village so quickly after coming here?

Gail desires that Ryan communicate.

Gail asks Ryan to talk to her more openly about his feelings. Will Ryan tell his girlfriend what’s on his mind, though?


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