Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s Liam Connor faces more trouble in bullying storyline

In Monday’s episode of Coronation Street (November 27), viewers will witness the ongoing bullying torment of Liam Connor.

After Liam unintentionally gets Dylan Wilson in trouble at school, he dread the wrath of Mason Radcliffe, the new villain.

Mason has been publicly embarrassing Liam and sending him unpleasant phone calls over the past few weeks, which has been witnessed by viewers.

Mason’s knife threat against Liam last week was the culmination of the scenario, and Dylan did not intervene to protect his friend.

Liam tries to pull a sickie because he is too afraid to go to school on Monday during his trip to the cobbles.

Maria sets her foot down, demanding that her kid attend school as usual, oblivious to the struggles her son is facing.

Later, Dylan is questioned by Liam in the school hallway over the vapes he is now selling to Mason at the kebab restaurant.

Upon hearing the damning chat, Mrs. Crawshaw, the deputy headteacher, becomes curious and asks to know the precise details.

There could be unpleasant repercussions once more, as Mason glares at Liam, enraged at him for endangering his covert operation. Mason, what will you do next?

Actor Luca Toolan, who plays Mason, recently talked with Digital Spy about his friendships in real life with the other teenagers in the plot.

Charlie Wrenshall and Liam McCheyne, who portray Liam and Dylan, respectively, have been collaborating closely with the newcomer to the show.

Luca stated to Digital Spy, “Because my friendship with Liam and Charlie off-screen is so close, it is more fun to portray the villain in this situation. The three of them are quite gregarious, constantly making fun of me and teasing me, especially because I’m the newbie and they’re seasoned musicians. Therefore, it sort of functions!

When they call “action,” that’s when I get to turn the tables, even if those two will make fun of me off screen. I’ve really appreciated it and there’s a lot of trust between us because of that dynamic.

“I don’t ever come away from set feeling horrible, because we’re all hugging and so tight at the end of the day.”


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