Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas in danger as she discovers killer truth about Amit Sharma

Upcoming scenes on Emmerdale may put LAUREL Thomas in serious risk.

Amit Sharma, the antagonist on the ITV soap opera, will make the worried mother his target.

Because of his ‘homophobia,’ Amit appears to have been rejected by his biological son Jai and partner Lauren, as well as by their daily life.

Amit is a gay father named Suni, but when Lauren and Jai learned that Amit had attacked Suni’s lover Nicky in a violent, homophobic rage, they became extremely angry. Lauren and Jai also have a gay son named Arthur.

After Amit’s disapproval of his romance with Suni, Nicky was left battered and had to tell Laurel and Jai who attacked.

Even though Amit tried to convince Lauren and Jai that he is not homophobic, they rejected him outright and showed no interest in him.

What they are unaware of, though, is that it wasn’t even a homophobic attack.

Amit attacked Nicky after learning that he knew Suni’s “killer” secret, although he has no problems with Suni or his sexuality.

After Nicky learned the truth—that Amit had been there when Rishi passed away—questions surfaced about whether or not he was responsible for his “fall.”

Sensing that Laurel and Jai need to know he is not homophobic in order for him to rejoin the family, he pleads with Suni to persuade them to give him another go.

Laurel starts to wonder why Suni seems unconcerned about the apparent homophobia as she proceeds in this manner.

Laurel visits Nicky to find out what actually transpired during their altercation because she wants to know the truth.

They have no idea that Amit, who is observing from a distance, knows that Laurel is determined to learn the truth.

Amit can’t take the chance of Jai learning the truth about Rishi because he thinks Nicky would spill the beans to Laurel.

He develops a desperation to conceal the truth, which pushes him to act independently.

But what precisely is he going to do?

Is Laurel going to get into more trouble than she has before?


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