Emmerdale’s James Hooton drops huge hint at shock identity of Craig’s murderer as Sam’s secret revealed

James Hooton, a star of Emmerdale, has given out a shocking secret about who killed Craig, the rapist. On Friday night’s ITV soap opera, the brute was spotted dead.

Which Dingle killed him will also be revealed in next week’s week-long flashback specials. Viewers are aware that earlier this year, he sexually assaulted Lydia Dingle in graphic scenes.

Lydia tried to stop them, but in the end, it led to the Dingles vowing retaliation. Next week, Lydia calls the Dingles and wants the truth after learning that Craig has been murdered.

The shocking week will uncover many secrets, including how her own husband Sam abducted Craig. Furthermore, even though viewers will learn the truth about Craig’s killer, certain truths will remain undiscovered.

Furthermore, Sam may be concealing further details about what actually transpired, James has hinted. Does this imply he confesses to the murder in order to shield the real murderer? Could Samson be the murderer? Fans definitely believe that.

“I know he’s not in the trailer, but I’m saying Samson,” one person remarked. Another said: “Whodunits from a soap opera.” Never settle for a person who isn’t on the suspicion list. Samson, in the instance of @emmerdale.

It’s not going to be any of the suspects, a third person stated. acting as if we are foolish. Samson, of course, as he isn’t present.

During the press day for Emmerdale, he addressed the gathered reporters and stated, “I believe we realize that Sam is hiding more information, which could lead to a conclusion as to what’s happened to Craig.”

However, he gave his fans his word that “they will definitely know what happened to Craig, yes.”

The actor also discussed how Lydia’s struggle had affected his on-screen family. “I believe that anyone in real life would ultimately be changed, on some level, from an experience like this,” he stated. God forbid anyone experience those kinds of conditions.

“It’s unclear if Sam and Lydia will ever be able to return to normalcy in light of the deceased person’s passing and everything else that goes down. You would think that with time, their strength and bond as a couple would enable that to occur.

Notwithstanding the dangers and difficulties they have encountered, Lydia, Sam, and Samson make up a resilient family. Thus, we pray that love wins out in our family.


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