Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Rhona confronts Gus as Lucy goes into labour

This evening (Thursday, November 16), according to spoilers for Emmerdale, Rhona lashes out at Gus and Lucy outside of their home.

When Rhona arrives at Gus and Lucy’s house, she is shocked to see that Lucy has broken her waters.

However, will Rhona be able to communicate with the pair in the spoilers for Emmerdale?

Preview: Rhona visits Gus and Lucy in Emmerdale

When Rhona goes to see Gus tonight, he doesn’t show up. Instead, determined to rip strips into Gus and Lucy, she goes to their home.

But Rhona is soon shocked to see Gus lugging suitcases outside the house.

When a pregnant Lucy comes into view, Rhona is speechless when she confronts Gus about his escape.

Marlon and Mary begin to wonder where Rhona has gone in another scene. They are unaware that she is questioning Lucy and Gus on the use of her embryos.

However, soon after, Lucy’s waters burst, forcing Rhona to transport her to the hospital by car. Will Rhona have time to fully discuss the baby with the couple, though?

Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn feels anxious

When the subject of painkillers is brought up in Dawn’s prenatal class, she immediately becomes anxious. But will Dawn suffer for this?

Bob fears for his future.

Nicola will be aware that Bernice recently gave her debts and a portion of the B&B to her partner.

But Nicola soon realized she couldn’t afford to shoulder this burden, so she informed Bob he would require a new business partner.

Now that Bernice is no longer there, Bob is concerned about his future at the B&B. Will he, however, have to give up the B&B?


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