Keanu Taylor plots devastating revenge on Sharon Watts in EastEnders

Recently, Sharon Watts announced her intention to relocate to Abu Dhabi with her son Albie Watts.

But in a shocking turn of events, Keanu Taylor, her ex-fiance, has chosen to get revenge on her on EastEnders next week.

When Keanu Taylor, played by Danny Walters, learned that Sharon, played by Letitia Dean, was about to leave Albert Square, he and his mother Karen, played by Lorraine Stanley, came up with a scheme.

The gorgeous blonde stunner hopes to find new career opportunities in Abu Dhabi, but doing so would mean leaving her son Albie behind and depriving her ex-fiance Keanu of quality time with the small child.

Keanu expressed his heartbreak and his determination to ensure that the same situation never occurred again while he was being kept apart from his daughter Peggy.

Karen persuaded him that his best bet would be to woo Sharon once more before getting married in order to steal her money and take Albie from her.

In an upcoming episode on BBC One, Keanu informs Karen that he hopes to implement his plan as soon as possible.

But one significant incident might totally divert him.

Sharon responds that there isn’t enough time when Keanu asks if he may take Albie out before they depart for Abu Dhabi.

When Sharon doesn’t give him his finder’s fee for the Pub, Pint, and Fight event, Dorian Gates (Luke J I Smith) shows up and threatens her.

Up until an impetuous Keanu intervenes and pushes his weight around, Sharon is handling the problem.

Sharon becomes enraged by Keanu’s interference and expresses her displeasure with him.

Later scenes find Sharon waiting for Dorian to come back, and she’s shocked to see Keanu supporting her.

Arriving with a group of heavyweights in tow, Dorian tells Sharon that he knows where she and Albie reside and threatens to call the police if she does.

While Sharon is preoccupied walking home, Keanu begins carrying out his plan.

Karen fears that he’s not acting appropriately, despite his eagerness to make things work.

Keanu, however, is unfazed and heads to Sharon’s to pick up Albie so they can go to a birthday celebration.

Sharon becomes enraged when she later finds out from another mother that Keanu used the party as an excuse to sneak Albie off somewhere else.

Regretfully, when Keanu returns to the Square and informs Sharon that something horrible has occurred, her irritation quickly turns to fear.

He says he took Albie to the park, looked away for a moment, and he was gone in an instant.

As the Walford villagers set up a search party and the police begin their inquiry into Albie’s disappearance, Sharon is inconsolable.

Keanu visits Sharon after being questioned by the police and informs her that Dorian threatened both her and Albie.

Appalled After telling the police that Sharon believes Dorian might be responsible, they start looking into it right away.

Later, while Keanu and Sharon are consoling one another at home, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) discovers a message pushed through the door that demands £50,000 in exchange for Albie’s safe return.

Is it possible that Dorian abducted Albie?

What is Keanu trying to hide?


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