Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Chloe collapses as Mack tries to dump her

Tonight, on Tuesday, November 14, Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Mack sets out to break things up with Chloe.

But as soon as he tries to break up with her, Chloe passes out, leaving others worried about her wellbeing.

In the spoilers for Emmerdale, will Mack have the opportunity to crush Chloe’s heart?

Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe gets taken to the hospital right away

When Charity decides to try again and get back together tonight, Mack is overjoyed.

Subsequently, Mack leaves to inform Chloe that he has fallen in love with Charity and wishes to end their relationship.

But as Mack begins to express his feelings to Chloe, he quickly finds himself calling an ambulance on her behalf.

Chloe falls and is taken to the hospital right away. But before Chloe passed out, did Mack finally decide to end their relationship?

Rhona learns the truth regarding the child of Gus and Lucy.

Marlon is unable to keep the big baby bombshell that Gus and Lucy dropped out of his mind any longer.

Marlon is getting ready for a challenging chat with Rhona.

Then he informs Rhona that her embryos were utilized by Gus and Lucy without her permission.

When Marlon says that he saw a pregnant Lucy with Gus while he was at the hospital, Rhona is horrified.

Rhona is having trouble understanding what this means for her and her family. How will she handle the circumstance, though?

Emmerdale teasers: Dawn is enraged at Billy

When Dawn learns that Billy and Aaron exchanged insults at the playground during a talk with Paddy, she is shocked.

Dawn confronts Billy about the issue as they make their way home from work. She is in such need of knowing what transpired between them both. Will Billy tell Dawn the truth, though?


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