Emmerdale viewers fuming as soap moved in major schedule change

Because to a significant schedule change, Emmerdale’s regular time slot was altered, leaving people incensed.

The popular ITV soap opera, which usually airs from 7:30 to 8 p.m., was relocated to a 7 p.m. time slot to make room for the Rugby World Cup coverage.

In tonight’s episode, Chloe revealed that although everyone in the hamlet is still in the dark, she remembers every detail of her terrifying automobile crash.

Chloe has been unconscious ever since, but she is suddenly awake. She is lying to everyone about having memory loss, since she truly remembers every detail of the crash, it was discovered.

Fans watching at home are incensed that the opera was changed to make room for rugby despite all the drama happening.

“FFS WHY is everything CHANGED for Sport on TV??!” tweeted @LisaBro2117787. I’m tired of it and having to wait till 8:00 to watch Emmerdale. Get another sports channel, please, because not everyone enjoys it.

@orchidfoxy said: “Ugh I forgot #Emmerdale was on early cause of sport again!” Tweeted @RoxyFoxy888: “@itv ITV is not a sports station, I repeat, ITV is not a sports channel. Please stop with all this sport; I’m sick and tired of it.


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