Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ revenge twist as Chloe’s secret is exposed

The revelation that Chloe remembers every detail of the collision that almost claimed her life has convinced Emmerdale viewers that she is plotting her retaliation against Mack and Charity.

Chloe, Mack, and Charity were involved in an automobile accident that occurred during Super Soap Week, sending the vehicle to the precipice.

Even though Mack was able to escape harm, he was forced to make the difficult decision to save just one person because the car was about to crash.

He made the decision to save Charity, his ex-wife, while letting Chloe, the mother of his kid, tumble from the cliff. Chloe has been unconscious ever then, and Mack has been spending a lot of time with Charity.

Chloe was coming out of her coma when Mack received a phone call from the hospital last night, but she said she couldn’t remember anything.

Chloe was given some time alone with young Reuben during tonight’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera so she could express some milk.

Chloe explained to Reuben that since Mack “lies every time he opens his mouth,” it will probably soon be just the two of them once more.

Then it became clear that Chloe had not experienced memory loss and that she genuinely remembered every detail of the collision.

Insisting that Chloe is plotting her vengeance against Mack and Chloe, many argued that they saw this coming.

@cassam101Tweeted: “Before Mack picks her up to take her home, Chloe will vanish with Ruebin. #emmerdale.”

So Chloe does remember, @1stLadyHooligan remarked. revenge is due! #Emmerdale.” “Can’t wait for Chloe’s retaliation against Charity and Mackenzie #emmerdale,” tweeted @AntBlanchard34.

“Chloe remembers,” tweeted @CaptMagenta. Is she on the verge of going crazy? #emmerdale.” “Oh, I take that back, Chloe did emerge from the coma with a personality after all,” said @itzzzo_. Chloe, go! #Emmerdale.”

“YES Chloe!” wrote @riacann. Bring on the pain! #emmerdale.” @RyanTheSoapking then chimed in, saying, “I KNEW IT!!!!! Mack is played by Chloe in Emmerdale.


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