Emmerdale: Dawn’s short hair is a hit with fans as they say it suits her

Wednesday, November 15, Emmerdale time, saw Gabby surprise Dawn with a baby shower.

Clemmie skipped school to participate in the enjoyable activities, but Tracy and Leyla showed up to celebrate the event.

Fans of Emmerdale are astonished at Dawn’s dramatic hair change.

Dawn from Emmerdale attended a baby shower.

Gabby surprised Dawn with a baby shower last night at Home Farm in anticipation of her impending birth.

Clemmie, who had surreptitiously taken a break from school, was there with Leyla and Tracy.

Then they all came around to see Dawn sample various, awful baby food flavors.

But Dawn ended up bolting from the room when the women talked about cravings associated with pregnancy.

She went on to say that her primary yearning while having Lucas was for drugs.

After that, Gabby told her that she had made such progress and had a lot to look forward to this time.

Emmerdale viewers adore Dawn’s new hairstyle.

Dawn had a whole new hairstyle during the scenes where she was having a baby shower; instead of wearing her hair in a ponytail, she let it down. Fans say it looks great on her! She also chopped her hair shoulder length!

“I like Dawn’s hair short,” a viewer of Emmerdale commented on X.

“Love Dawn’s hair like that,” remarked a fellow Emmerdale fan.

Dawn looks so different with her hair down, a third person remarked.

Will Dawn tell Billy about her concerns regarding her pregnancy?

Dawn is attending an antenatal class tonight (Thursday, November 16), but she becomes anxious when the topic of drug use during labor is brought up. Will Dawn, though, tell Billy about her worries?


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