Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Nicola threatens to call the police on Bernice following fraud discovery

According to Emmerdale spoilers for tonight, Monday, November 13, Bernice’s shocking fraud bombshell may have Nicola thinking about reporting her own sister to the police.

Nicola becomes terrified upon learning that Bernice has embezzled her money.

In tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers, though, would she turn on a member of her own family and witness her sent to prison?

Emmerdale spoilers: Bernice has Nicola in her teeth.

When Jimmy gets home, Nicola surprises him by telling that the bailiffs have come to remove their belongings. Jimmy is shocked.

Upon seeing that Bernice has taken out a £20,000 loan in Nicola’s name, he becomes enraged.

As Bob finds out that Bernice hasn’t been paying the B&B suppliers, Bernice has further damaged her relationships with everyone.

Gabby is equally devastated that her mother could abandon her without even saying farewell.

Bernice abruptly leaves, raising suspicions in Cathy’s eyes. Nicola follows Bernice, preventing her from fleeing, and discovers her hiding at Brook Cottage.

Nicola is insensitive when Bernice feels forced to divulge the truth about her deception.

If she doesn’t accept her offer, she threatens to call the police. What will Bernice, though, decide to do?

Emmerdale teasers: Mack goes with Charity

Charity makes the decision tonight to leave her current relationship with Mack and travel to Scotland to spend time with Debbie.

After learning of Charity’s scheme, Mack is horrified and tries to stop her from leaving by lying down in front of her car.

As Mack makes a choice, Charity and he ultimately confess their genuine affections for one another.

In order for them to start over and be together properly once more, he advises that he and Chloe break up. Will Mack, though, be granted another chance by Charity?

To Mary, Marlon reveals all.

Marlon has been having difficulty concealing from Rhona Gus and Lucy’s betrayal.

He finds himself telling Mary the truth tonight, and she tells him that he should inform Rhona. Will Marlon, however, heed Mary’s advice?

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Aaron and Billy fight

Billy and Aaron argue as a result of an altercation in the playground, and their tensions grow.

Will the two men get into something far more dangerous as a result of this little altercation?


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