Emmerdale: Billy nose injury looked different throughout episode, fans notice

Billy and Aaron continued their rivalry last night in Emmerdale (Wednesday, November 15) by fighting in the store.

Pollard attempted to intervene, but they quickly did damage to the store and to each other.

As Billy’s nose injury appears to evolve throughout the scenes, Emmerdale viewers have now detected a continuity mistake.

Emmerdale: In the shop, Billy and Aaron got into a fight.

It will be known to viewers of the ITV soap opera that Billy and Aaron had a recent argument at the playground.

Aaron became enraged after Eve accused Lucas of pushing her, and he quickly turned his ire towards Billy.

Billy and Aaron got into a fight last night while visiting David’s shop, and they quickly continued their hate for one another.

They began fighting soon after, wrecking the shop in the process. Pollard ordered them to stop, but it took Will’s intervention to end the brawl.

Then, vowing to reimburse Pollard for the store’s damages, Will urged the two men to return home.

Huge Billy makeup continuity issue is noticed by Emmerdale fans.

Currently, viewers of Emmerdale have discovered a significant mistake in last night’s show. They have drawn attention to the fact that although Billy’s nose didn’t appear to be that terrible when Aaron punched him, it did look awful when he got home.

Has Billy gotten into a battle with a lamppost on the way home, a fan questioned? When he emerged from the store, his face didn’t appear nearly as horrible.

Just one more fan wrote: “Hold on. On the way home, did Will give Billy another slap in the nose? The shop wasn’t that horrible.

“So a little cute on Billy’s nose has turned into a full blown blood fest,” a third person chuckled.

Is Billy able to set aside his conflict with Aaron?

Later this week, Emmerdale spoilers show Billy and Aaron having another run-in, suggesting that there is still a lot of animosity between them.

Can they both, however, agree to maintain civility? Or will the next time around leave them even more scarred and beaten?


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