Samantha Giles to leave Emmerdale as Bernice this month

Samantha Giles, a beloved character on soap opera The Dales, has announced her departure from the show 25 years after making her debut.

Samantha Giles has finally resigned from the serial opera after repeatedly leaving and then coming back.

It has been reported by Bernice Blackstock that she will be leaving the soap opera once more.

As Bernice Blackstock, Samantha Giles leaves Emmerdale

In 1998, Samantha Giles made her television debut as Bernice Blackstock in Emmerdale.

She first departed from the soap opera in 2002. She then made her way back in 2004 before departing once more and not coming back until 2012.

Before Samantha left the Dales in 2019, this period lasted for seven years.

In 2021, she made her first appearance on the show. But Samantha Giles has departed the soap opera once more. Will she, however, return?

When will Samantha Giles’ stint as Bernice end on Emmerdale?

Samantha Giles discussed her love of witchcraft with Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond on This Morning last month.

After that, the conversation turned to Emmerdale, and someone asked Samantha if she was leaving the soap opera.

She acknowledged that, despite the fact that nothing had been formally declared as of yet, she had made the decision to leave the soap opera in order to pursue other job opportunities.

Samantha went on to say that she would be filming her final scenes in the village in the middle of November.

She did not, however, answer when asked if she would ever return to the soap opera.

She had also concealed her departure plot well. How will Samantha, though, quit the soap?

Bernice Blackstock plans to exit the community in what way?

Following her recent theft of £20,000 from Nicola, Bernice’s departure appears to be related to her fraud.

It is unknown how long Bernice will stay away from the village or if she will return.

How exactly will Bernice leave the village, though? Is she going to come back later?


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