Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock faces shock Nicola warning

In tonight’s (November 13) episode of Emmerdale, sister Nicola King issued a warning to Bernice Blackstock.

When Nicola learned last week that her own sister Bernice had obtained a false loan in her name, bailiffs arrived at Victoria Cottage to seize her furniture and other priceless possessions.

Viewers discovered that Cathy Hope was actually sheltering Bernice at Brook Cottage in order to keep her from being imprisoned, despite Bernice’s appearance that she had left after confessing the information.

Bob learned that Bernice had ceased paying suppliers, which meant that the B&B was facing major financial difficulties. This led to even more problems at the property.

Jimmy King, Nicola’s spouse, was upset that she was even thinking of allowing Bernice to escape punishment for deceiving them while she debated whether to denounce her own sister to the police.

A little research revealed that Nicola’s sister hadn’t really run away from the Dales after all, and she was resolved to confront Bernice head-on.

When Bernice had to respond to her family and business partner Bob, she made an effort to apologize for disappointing everyone.

Bob said, “Not only did you disappoint us, but you also ripped us off.”

“Everyone will receive their money,” Bernice urged. You have my word!”

All that Bernice could do was assure Bob that she would find a way to reimburse everyone, even while the family began arguing over who would get paid back first.

Nicola said, “I’m sorry, but you’ve left me with no choice.” “I’m going to have to report you to the police.”

Will Bernice fall for the scam now that it has been reported she will be leaving the soap opera this week?


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