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Coronation Street star Colson Smith posts photo from cast night out and fans declare it: ‘Squad goals’

Colson Smith and other cast members of Coronation Street went mini-golfing for a fun-filled evening. However, Colson quickly revealed something to his followers on social media following the release of an image of the large gathering.

Along with several of his coworkers, the Craig Tinker actor shared a photo of their evening spent playing mini golf, including many well-known names in it. Supporters called it “squad goals” because they enjoyed seeing them all hang out.

However, Colson’s night was ultimately somewhat disappointing.

Cast members of Coronation Street enjoy a night out.

Other well-known Corrie actors that appeared alongside Colson were Tina O’Brien (Sarah), Jane Danson (Leanne), Tanisha Gorey (Asha), Julia Goulding (Shona), and Gareth Pierce (Todd). Charlotte Jordan (Daisy), Ben Price (Nick), and Jack P Shepherd (David) were also present.

“Two Bogeys on a Tuesday night,” Colson wrote as the image’s caption.

“By the way, I’m [bleep] at mini golf,” he confessed in the comments that followed. Obviously, Colson, none of us can be excellent at everything!

Many fans commented on the photo in the comments section, expressing how much they liked it. Superb image! One exclaimed, “What fun!”

Some said, “You all look amazing,” and “Squad goals.”

“Love it! All of you are Corrie legends! another person stated.

“Callum Lill [Joel] won, but I was the only one to get a [hole in one], so I’m taking that,” said Jack P Shepherd, who also posted the same image.

Ethan Colson on Coronation Street

Colson joined the cast of Corrie in 2012 and has grown up on TV as Craig. He was a PC Tinker in the Weatherfield police department before he started training to become a police detective.

Copper Craig finds life difficult on a street populated with lawbreakers! His most recent arrest was of Peter Barlow for the murder of Stephen Reid.

Craig’s relationship with Faye Windass has not gone well; she left earlier this year to live with her daughter Miley and her ex-boyfriend, Jackson.

After helping her cover up a crime, Craig didn’t want to let her go and even attempted to blackmail her into staying. But in the end, he came to understand Faye’s strong need to go and free herself.

He’s mostly been involved in crime solving since she left. Teddy, one of Stephen Reid’s victims, was discovered while he was there. The sight of the body removed from the sea in a roof box was too much for Craig to bear.

Though he hasn’t had any personal stories lately, is he going to be back in the spotlight soon with the expected return of his closest friend and ex-girlfriend Bethany Platt?

If not, we have little doubt that he will soon have another crime to solve!


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