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Coronation Street spoilers next week: First look as Amy freaks out when Aadi kisses her

According to Coronation Street teases for next week, Amy will struggle when Aadi gives her a kiss. Can these two learn to communicate better as she pushes him away?

Peter is also having difficulties in the meanwhile. He attacks Carla after snapping at Dylan. Can you tell how he is doing?

A surprise regarding the Rovers also comes to Jenny. Spoilers for next week’s Coronation Street reveal all of this and more.

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers

1 Amy is questioned by the police

Following the events of the previous evening, Amy is concerned and, with Aadi’s encouragement, hopes that Dan would wake up with no memory of the incident. However, Amy asks Dee-Dee to represent her as a solicitor when DS Swain requests that she attend to the station. Amy may have five years ahead of her, according to Swain.

2 The kiss between Amy and Aadi

Amy appreciates that Aadi is supporting her. Amy reacts as Aadi leans in to kiss her.

But all of a sudden, she becomes terrified and pushes him away. Is she ever going to get over what happened to her with Aaron?

3 Peter loses it.

After Simon steals some vape pens, Peter becomes enraged. He realizes a friend of his is at fault and rushes to No. 11 to confront Dylan.

Mason provokes Peter by threatening to run them over with his automobile from inside the home. It gets worse from here on out.

Angry The door is broken when Peter loses. Is he going to live to regret grabbing hold of Dylan?

4 Carla is told by Peter his true feelings.

Carla’s problems at work come to light, and Peter is displeased with her for keeping it a secret from him. Carla is shocked by his outburst as he states that she doesn’t care about him or his viewpoint.

5 Liam initiated

Dylan cautions Mason. Sean plans to report his missing running shoes. Liam took Dylan’s trainers, Mason and Conch inform Mrs. Crawshaw. Liam has obviously been set up, though, when the trainers are discovered in his locker.

6 Liam falls prey to harassment and abuse.

Mason threatens Liam with never having to rat on him again in a series of unpleasant texts. Later on, he confronts Liam outside of Victoria Court. Mason and his friends call Liam a rat and cover him with dirt.

Mason begins snapping photos, but Liam yanks the phone from his grasp. Mason then threatens Liam with a knife in vengeance.

7 Ed finds solace.

Ed and Ronnie are asked to supervise the Rovers’ transformation into apartments. Ed learns that Grandad Sarge is visiting for the holidays as well.

Glenda launches a “Save the Rovers” campaign in the interim. When Ed and Ronnie meet with Luke to discuss the Rovers, Debbie tells them they will be viewed as betraying the team.

Jenny is devastated, thinking Ronnie and Ed have deceived her and the pub has been sold. But is anything really as it seems?

8 Was Ed’s gambling revealed?

A letter stating that Norris Cole’s card has been frozen perplexes Michael.

Ed appears to be poised to have his gambling exposed, which makes him fear.

9 Admitting her jealousy, Nina

Asha and Isla are spending the day working on schoolwork. After that, she explains, they’re going to eat dinner together.

Nina acknowledges her jealousy. Although Asha reassures Nina, is she telling the truth?


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