Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Weatherfield struggles to process Stephen’s death

Weatherfield struggles to comprehend Stephen’s passing, according to tonight’s (Monday, October 16) Coronation Street spoilers.

The citizens of Weatherfield attempt to make sense of everything that transpired when Stephen’s misdeeds were ultimately discovered.

Will Coronation Street spoilers reveal that the Street will never be the same again?

The Street tries to comprehend what happened last week.

Before the serial killer’s retribution was carried out last week, Stephen’s offenses were discovered.

Peter accidentally ran Stephen over and killed him when he threatened to harm Jenny.

Weatherfield is still processing all that happened with Stephen tonight.

Peter also experiences a major shock when DS Swain and Craig arrive and take him into custody. Will Peter, however, do time for the murder of Stephen?

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Daisy backs Ryan

Ryan admits to Daniel that he is second-guessing his decision to speak to the students at the STC.

Daniel believes in Ryan and urges Daisy to accompany Ryan in order to assist him.

To calm Ryan’s fears, Daisy then recommends that she have the conversation with him.

Daisy commends Ryan for being so courageous in sharing his experience of the acid attack after the discussion.

She continues by telling him that this shows he can be himself without having to sell his soul online. Will Ryan, however, pay attention to Daisy’s advice?

Todd irks me. George

Todd irritates George by making fun of his new assistant Lee tonight. Because of his height, he calls him “Lurch”.

The comments Todd made have deeply angered George. Will he, however, act?

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ed apologizes to Dee-Dee

Dee-Dee receives an apology from Ed for his lack of interest in her new relationship with Joel.

Then, in an effort to get to know Joel better, he offers to take her and Joel out to lunch. Will the lunch go nicely, though?


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